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What makes Positive Approach to Care™ (PAC) training
different from other Dementia care training programs?

PAC focuses on WHY the relationship matters and HOW to help people living with Dementia live well with dignity and respect.

We encourage everyone to use practical care—partnering techniques and to grow interpersonal skills essential to improving the quality of life for the person living with Dementia and their care partners.

Strategies and Techniques

  • Respond rather than react to a person’s change and abilities in a way that is proactive, not hurtful or offensive.
  • Appreciate that, with practice, common reactions to the person with dementia can become thoughtful responses that improve everyone’s quality of life.
  • Recognize the person with Dementia is doing the best they can when faced with challenging situations.
  • Change our approach, behavior and expectations for improved outcomes.
  • Modify the physical and sensory environment (lighting, sound, activity) surrounding a person living with Dementia to promote function and satisfaction.

Where Are You and Your Organization?

Dementia AWARENESS is needed—helping each person to better appreciate the impact of this condition on a person’s behavior and abilities. The ability to connect and provide support through our actions, the care we provide and the
environment is crucial to providing person centered care with respect to dignity.

Dementia KNOWLEDGE is needed — fostering a deeper understanding of techniques that will improve care-giving outcome and relationships.

Dementia SKILL is needed — collaborating with PAC to provide in-depth practice of communication and care routines that, when combined with focused organizational support, builds habits that change the Dementia care culture for a better quality of life for all.

Dementia COMPETENCE is needed — developing personal expertise of key partners and leaders that will enhance sustained cultures through dynamic assessment and application of mastered skills and techniques.

Why do we do what we do?

Take a moment to think about your relationships when Dementia is present. They may be personal, they may be professional. The truth is, there is a need to educate and teach loved ones, care providers
and professional health care workers the necessary skills and techniques needed to succeed.

This can be complicated! Positive Approach to Care™ uses the following techniques to explore and respond to your questions and concerns:

Positive Physical Approach™

This is the first step in creating compassionate relationships. It provides a way to connect with people visually, and verbally. PPA asks the question, “Can you accept a connection from me right now?” and respectfully accepts the answer or offers an alternative.

The Gems™

This classification model encourages us to get curious about the stages of brain change by focusing on the abilities that are present versus what has been lost. It provides us with the knowledge to dynamically assess where people are, what they need
and what is possible. It allows us to meet them where they are and make helpful adjustments.

Hand-Under-Hand™ (HUH)

This allows care partners and people living with Dementia the opportunity to build an authentic relationship through a non-threatening physical connection. HUH says, “I am here to support you, to do WITH you, not TO you.

Positive Approach, LLC®

Positive Approach to Care™ (PAC) Promotes care partnering rather than caregiving. Care partners, from families to professional health care providers, learn the strategies and techniques that promote a positive experience for both the person living with dementia and the care provider(s).

Founded by Teepa Snow, PAC is an innovative educational organization providing dementia care training and consulting at an international level.

The mission of Positive Approach LLC® is to develop each person’s talents and abilities to help gain awareness, knowledge and skill. The goal is to transform current care practices into a more positive dementia care culture for all.

Teepa Snow, MS OTR/L, FAOTA

Teepa Snow created the materials to be used in Positive Approach to Care (PAC) workshops and has authorized the Certified PAC Trainer to facilitate workshops using PAC materials.

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